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Jim Laurino nfcan.x.jimlaur at dfgh.net
Thu Nov 3 18:00:32 CET 2005

On 2005.11.03 11:02, Ashley M. Kirchner - ashley at pcraft.com wrote:
> Jim Laurino wrote:
>> You can arrange to have the firewall in question
>> respond to 3 IP addresses on the outside interface and
>> forward the now distinct traffic to the 3 kiosks.
>> If this is possible, it might be better than being screwed.
>    That would be nice, but no can do.  Remember, the server end, or  
> receiving end, is a third party company.  They have hundreds, if not  
> thousands of these little kiosks scattered across the country.  We are but a  
> tiny little company with three of those kiosks.  Each kiosk makes an  
> outbound FTP connection to the server.  Then the server makes an inbound  
> connection back to the kiosk.  This is where it fails because it doesn't  
> know where it came from since the kiosks are behind the firewall.

Perhaps I am confused,
I thought that the kiosks in question were acting as ftp servers.

If the kiosks are ftp clients, the situation is entirely different.
This should not be a problem.

>    Putting the kiosks OUTSIDE the firewall (with different IPs) also won't  
> work because they also need to communicate (via windows shares) to internal  
> machines, again, same scenario...they contact a print station, and the print  
> station contacts them.

Exactly what do you mean when you say "contacts".
Do you mean that the kiosk also must act as an ftp server?
Or do you mean contact as in a passive ftp transfer?
Passive ftp you can support via ftp helpers and RELATED.

> So you see, being screwed is the only option I see
> here.  Unless I'm overlooking something.
>    And I can't tell the other company to send data to separate IPs either  
> because their system works based on the packet they first receive when the  
> kiosk contacts them.  Which goes back to my point above (about putting the  
> kiosks outside the firewall.)
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