IP:Port REDIRECT problem

curby . curby.public at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 20:48:41 CEST 2005

On 7/24/05, Marcin Giedz <marcin.giedz at eulerhermes.pl> wrote:
> As you can see default gateway for SERVICE SERVER is GATEWAY1. In
> GATEWAY1's iptables rules there is redirection rule for port 4000 to
> SERVICE SERVER:4000. In such configuration everything is OK, I can run
> service from Internet via GATEWAY1:4000. But I also want to run this
> services via GATEWAY2:4000. I tried redirection from GATEWAY2 to
> GATEWAY1 via public IPs but it doesn't work.

if I understand your question correctly, you should be able to take
requests sent to GATEWAY2:4000 and redirect them to your SERVER, just
as you redirected from GATEWAY1 to SERVER.  You can do this even
though GATEWAY2 is not SERVER's default gateway.  You might need to
allow incoming requests on SERVER from the interface going to

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