how to upgrade an installed iptables?

Jörg Harmuth harmuth at
Mon Jul 18 12:14:51 CEST 2005

afshin lamei schrieb:

> how can i upgrade from iptables 1.2.8 to 1.2.9, 1.3, ... etc? there is
> a patch named patch-iptables-1.2.8-1.2.9, can i apply it on an
> installed 1.2.8 one?

I did it with 1.3.1->1.3.2 and it worked well. If you decide to compile
your own iptables, you should take care of the paths. E.g. debian has
/sbin/iptables and the sources from install in
/usr/local/sbin. If you don't want this, edit the Makefile and chnge
vars PREFIX, LIBDIR,..., to fit your needs.

Have a nice time,


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