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Brent Clark bclark at eccotours.dyndns.org
Tue Jul 5 14:13:39 CEST 2005

Hi List

I seem to have a problem whereby if I type the following commonds, I get 
the following output

gate:~# netstat-nat
Proto NATed Address                  Foreign Address                State

or when I use conntrack-viewer.pl

gate:~# conntrack-viewer.pl
Active Connections according to /proc/net/ip_conntrack
Proto   Source Address           Remote Address           Service 
State       Masq  Name Resolution
Use of uninitialized value in getservbyport at 
/usr/sbin/conntrack-viewer.pl line 114.
Use of uninitialized value in getservbyport at 
/usr/sbin/conntrack-viewer.pl line 115.
Use of uninitialized value in length at /usr/sbin/conntrack-viewer.pl 
line 128.

if I use  iptstate (this seems to work)
                                                              IPTables - 
State Top
Version: 1.3          Sort: SrcIP           s to change sorting
Source                                                 Destination 
                                       Proto   State        TTL,1114                          ,53 
                                      udp                    0:01:33,1118                          ,53 
                                      udp                    0:01:06,51146,35520                                   tcp 
ESTABLISHED   98:43:17

I had a brief look at the /dev/net/ip_conntrack, and all seems fine there.

If anyone has any tips or advice, it would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards
Brent Clark

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