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Jan Engelhardt jengelh at
Sun Jul 3 16:02:34 CEST 2005

>I have a new challenge of trying to map some IP's to a single IP but
>with a static port.  Here is a sample.

You can't do that (at least at the same time). This is because:
What if the client-in-the-office makes two requests at the same time to the 
same service? (Classic example: SMB file sharing) Then you would have two 
distinct packets having the same single-IP-with-static-port on the source 
side, and IP-PORT on the destination side, e.g.

  client:1024  ->  fileserver:137
  client:1025  ->  fileserver:137

gets mapped to

  router:1999 -> fileserver:137
  router:1999 -> fileserver:137

and as you know, the uniqueness of a TCP connection is defined by the 
uniqueness of the tuple (srcip,srcport,dstip,dstport)

>Each workstation has a TCP processing running on a fixed port.  For all
>intents and purposes let's say it's SMTP.  What I need to do, using the
>single static IP address is map out a single port for each server behind
>So, given 10.99.0.x it we want something like this
> =
> =
> =
>Is there a simple way to do this?  Currently we have a pre/post routing
>line per entry.  Is there a better way?

Maybe I did not quite understand, but my first guess is -see above-.

For everything else, if it's only one connection at the same time,
  -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -p tcp --sport 25 -j SNAT

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