Configurationrequest for firewall with temporary ppp0-interface

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Well if you are using NAT then you can say that ppp+ should be NATed to your
extern interface.. should be to complicated? :) pppd brings up a new
interface and adds a route to it, so you dont have to worry about this.


Edvin Seferovic

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I've the problem that I need some rules for a temporary ppp0 interface.
This interface is only active then the admin has made a dial-up on the 
server and has activated a ppp-daemon.

In the time the ppp0-Interface is up the connections should be able 
completely in both directions and through to clients. But this should 
only alowed for connections via ppp0.

Connections via the normal isdn0 should be protected by the normal 
firewallroules (iptables).

How have I to configure.


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