macro & iptables

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Wed Aug 31 13:29:07 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 2005-August-30 22:55, Agung wrote:
> is it possible using macro *like pf did* with iptables

Since I don't know pf, you should explain more about what you want. No, 
I don't think iptables has any built-in macro capabilities, but you can 
use shell (or other) scripts to generate your rules. A script could 
either run all the iptables(8) commands in order, or it could generate 
iptables-save(8) format rules to be piped to iptables-restore(8) stdin.

> ?? while i'm googling i found nothing about this, any
> suggestion ?? :-)

Don't assume everyone else knows what your examples mean. Give detail.

Stick with pf if you know it and are comfortable.
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