Netfilter shaper?

Denis Kaganovich mahatma at
Tue Aug 30 18:44:07 CEST 2005

While I trying to tune my channel, I frustrate by "conntrackked shaper". 
All known to me qdiscs are not understand separate tcp links, but 
teoretically, all tcp traffic may be planned in case in/out channel 
rate(s) (my channel have separate bandwith - physical/VDSL (and to 
peered providers) and "internet" (payed channel, bounded by provider's 

Every ACK planned to receive average packet, every outbound tcp averaged 
to get next ACK, CONNRATE (if patch applied) - known, other (UDP/etc) - 
averaged "tail". And so bandwith may be be-directionally shaped on linux 
router by regualting packet delay in queue.

More easy task: qdisc/queue, sorted by CONNRATE (in or out) values (slow 
- first, fast may be dropped).

Denis Kaganovich,  mahatma at

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