allow DCC through iptables nat box

Sp0oKeR spooker at
Mon Aug 29 18:41:03 CEST 2005

You can use Patch O Matic module

5.4 irc-conntrack-nat patch

This patch by Harald Welte <laforge at> allows DCC to work
though NAT and connection tracking. By default, this module will track
IRC connection on port 6667. But you can change this for another port
with the `ports=xx' argument.



On 8/29/05, Lars Nielsen <lars at> wrote:
> Hey
> I have the following setup:
>    Linux box with iptables
>        eth0
>        eth1   ext_ip
> internet
> I use the following to allow internal clients to access the internet.
> iptables  -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -s -d 0/0 -j
> Which rules should i use to allow DCC to and from an internal Mirc
> client on ip
> I hope you can help me! ;o)
> Best regards Lars Nielsen

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