PPTP conntrack, combination that works?

Arne Kepp netfilter at smallworld.no
Thu Aug 25 13:16:30 CEST 2005


I have tried using patch-o-matic-ng-20050824 to patch my vanilla kernel 
to support masquerading PPTP.

When I tried to install the modules I got an error that there was an 
undefined reference to __ip_conntrack_expect_find

I found a post that said I needed nf_conntrack_netlink, which I also 
tried to add (either it didn't patch cleanly, or it made no difference, 
can't remember).

Next I found a post saying I need cnetlink, so I tried patching that 
too, but I get an error that there were 3 ( or 4 ( 
rejected chunks of code.

I have tried with kernels ,  and I have 
also tried deleting the source tree, applying only cnetlink and so 
forth, to no avail. IPTables has been 1.3.2 all along. I also tried 

So my question really is:
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or know a combination of patches 
/ kernel-version that works? Preferably 2.6.11 or newer.


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