Request: Submission of Rulesets

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Thu Aug 25 00:36:45 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 2005-August-24 17:25, Thomas Jones wrote:
> > I once saw an online automated generator of scholarly papers. It
> > was hilarious! It used language just like this.
> Hehehe. Ok...lets make it simple for you. Various security

You really should Google that. It was loads of fun. I generated some 
scholarly papers under my name and sent them to colleagues "for review 
and comment." They were ashamed to admit that it was all a bunch of 
gibberish to them. I laughed for days. :)

If I could remember the URL I would post it.

> > Okay, I think I see a little substance here. The poster wants
> > something which lists every possible valid netfilter rule. Right?
> Seemingly, you are the the person to do this feat? Realistically, I
> don't expect you or anybody else to have knowledge of all the rules.
> I have already developed the basic structure of the DTD. I just want

Ah, *that* was the piece I was missing. You are accepting the rulesets 
submitted as valid (probably) and are simply using them to test your 
DTD. Is that it? I thought you were compiling it from the submitted 
rulesets, and that, I guess we agree, is not possible.

> Because you do no not fully understand does not make it wrong.

I still don't, but at least the gibberish issue is cleared up. :)
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