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Wed Aug 24 20:14:23 CEST 2005

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I would like to formally request end-user submission of rulesets to the 
Security Document Initiative's Firewall Rule Subset ---- see the following 
resource for more information

The Security Document Initiative is an implementation of the domain of applied 
cryptography as it relates to XML Markup Language and the creation of a 
security infrastructure to protect information systems and resources.

This project is charged with developing a XML Document Type Definition 
document model that Netfilter rulesets can be validated against. Any document 
instance of the "Firewall Rule Subset" must be well-formed and comply with 
the structured XML Markup Language. This language is being designed to 
provide all VALID rule entries that are available under the netfilter 

This is where you the end-user come into play. Obviously, it would take me an 
untold number of days/weeks/months/years to construct a comprehensive and 
stable compilation of valid rules. The compilation of the rules and rulesets 
are a key step in this development process. Without, all representative rules 
and rulesets; a correct and valid netfilter rule will be deemed invalid under 
an improperly constructed document model. Thus, negating the purpose and 
intent of the SDI Firewall Rule Subset project.

All submissions are held in complete confidentiality. You may choose to alter 
your rules and/or rulesets accordingly to obfuscate and mask the original 
address schemes. However, a confidentiality agreement will be made available 
to interested parties. Due care and diligence will be made to ensure end-user 
privacy. All submissions will be stored in encrypted form only on a 
non-networked medium.

Digitally signed and/or encrypted submissions are recommended.

I would like to thank the Netfilter community in advance for their 
contributions to this project.

Thomas Jones
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