ROUTE woes ?

Brent Clark bclark at
Wed Aug 24 10:00:34 CEST 2005

Ruben Cardenal wrote:
>   Btw: It works.

Hi Ruben / list

a big thanks to all for replying to my email.

I know and see ROUTE is avail with POM, but I heard from two different people that ROUTE is part of the 2.6 series kernel.

Problem is, either they are both wrong, as I cant find ROUTE in my kernel.

And the other thing is, i got POM from

obviously with me running debian I needed the iptables source.

I downloaded that as well tar jxvf and then ran run runme in the patchomatic directory and not once was I offered ROUTE.

So now im at a complete loss.

If anyone could share of any tip or tricks, I would be most greatful.

Kind Regards, and thanks in advance.

Brent Clark

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