ROUTE woes ?

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Tue Aug 23 22:52:47 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 2005-August-23 15:34, Ruben Cardenal wrote:
> > If all netfilter drivers were built as modules, is an entire
> > compile / reboot necessary? Can you just get away with a "make
> > modules" (and "make modules_install") if the POM drivers are the
> > only thing you're changing?
>   Where did I say reboot, dude? :) When you say "recompile your
> kernel" you know you are refering to "make the needed changes, issue
> the needed actions"

Sometimes not, like if a new module requires changing something in a 
driver that was built in. What I was really asking was if POM needs any 
hooks that might not exist in the kernel, and I guess you have answered 

> :) If we needed a reboot for everything, we would be called windows
> : :P

A surprising number of people think they want monolithic kernels which 
*do* rather emulate Windows in their inflexibility. Modularity is one 
of my favourite rant subjects. :)

Thanks for the reply.
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