ROUTE woes ?

Ruben Cardenal ruben at
Tue Aug 23 22:34:08 CEST 2005

> >   a) Apply patch-o-matic against the iptables source
> >   b) Compile and install iptables
> >   c) Recompile your kernel to generate the ipt_ROUTE module (the
> > prior iptables configuration will add it to your kernel tree).
> If all netfilter drivers were built as modules, is an entire compile /
> reboot necessary? Can you just get away with a "make modules" (and
> "make modules_install") if the POM drivers are the only thing you're
> changing?

  Where did I say reboot, dude? :) When you say "recompile your kernel" you
know you are refering to "make the needed changes, issue the needed actions"
:) If we needed a reboot for everything, we would be called windows :P


- Ruben

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