ftps and iptables

Derick Anderson danderson at vikus.com
Thu Aug 18 21:04:29 CEST 2005

By default FTPS (FTP over SSL, not to be confused with FTP/SSH or SFTP)
runs on port 990. It also sounds like you're using passive mode - if so
you may need to open those ports as well. It would make sense to me
(although I don't know) that conntrack_ftp could only track unsecured
FTP sessions since the only indication of a port change is in the packet
data (which would be encrypted). Someone may know better than I, though.

Derick Anderson

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> Hi,
> I have web server protected by iptables at office, lately I 
> wanted to activate ftps on it but failed to get a list by 
> client. It's working well when iptables are down. I played 
> with iptables rules, open full access from web server but it 
> didn't help. I couldn't find anything special what prevents 
> it to operate. Does somebody already solved such a problem? 
> Thanks, Alexc.

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