help needed in ip_conntrack for udp.

Rakupathy_Somasundaram at Rakupathy_Somasundaram at
Tue Aug 16 07:17:42 CEST 2005

> Hi,
> I have some requirement like to flush the udp related state
> information maintained by ip_conntrack when ever I delete a particular
> rule from the INPUT chain of iptables. Can you please help to identify
> how to achieve this with iptables 1.2.9 ?
> One solution that I found the mailing list was to remove the conntrack
> and and associated modules and reload them.  But I guess with the 2.4
> kernel onwards, the iptables and ip_conntrack are integrated into the
> kernel itself,  I am not able to remove these modules when I need to
> flush the the state information maintained by conntrack( lsmod command
> doesn't show anything like iptables or conntrack ) . And this approach
> may also disrupt the other connections as well, which I don't want to.
> Basically my question is there any IOCTL's / other mechanisms to
> delete udp related state information maintained by ip_conntrack ? 
> Thanks,
> Rakupathy.

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