Fwd: Re: IP Tables slows network response times

Michael Hallager michael at networkstuff.co.nz
Mon Aug 15 12:10:11 CEST 2005

> The best Slackware advice I have is to start with Pat's config for the
> basis for your new kernel. Second best: just use his kernel and
> modules. Slackware-current has 2.4.31, and those packages will work
> seamlessly in any 2.4.x-capable Slackware release (that's 8.0 and
> later. And don't forget the alsa-driver package.)

The original reason is that it is an IBM Netfinity with a SCSI RAID 

This is somewhere I would prefer not to go at present as the machine is 
located at almost the other end of the country.

That is why I keep recompiling 2.4.29, the one I originally compiled for this 
machine, rather then upgrading. There is only a small chance that something 
would go wrong but I prefer not to give Murphey a chance....

Please advise if you think there is any not so obvious options needed.

I have read several 'howtos' and official DOC's when setting IP Tables up.

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