IP Tables slows network response times

Michael Hallager michael at networkstuff.co.nz
Sun Aug 14 11:54:47 CEST 2005

Hi Eric.

Don't think so, I fixed the reverse DNS issue earlier:
root at 202-150-101-225:/usr/local/Dialect/PaymentClient/config# nslookup
Address:    name = 202-150-101-225.networkstuff.net.nz.

root at 202-150-101-225:/usr/local/Dialect/PaymentClient/config# 

This machine runs its own DNS server.

> several seconds ? looks like you've got a timeout problem on name
> resolution (or another network access). Please ensure that DNS or name
> resolution traffic is not blocked.
> More over, add a rule to accept loopback traffic on INPUT, blocked
> loopback traffic could explain problem you have.

Could you please provide a sample of this rule?
Michael Hallager
networkStuff ltd
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