Blocking Google Earth

Thilo Schulz arny at
Sat Aug 13 04:31:19 CEST 2005

On Saturday 13 August 2005 00:38, fabricio bianco abreu wrote:
> I would like to block it because a user using Google Earth consumes about
> 256kbps bandwith. I have 600+ users and only a 2Mbps link to the Internet.

I don't see how you would do that without doing a packet inspection for all 
packets directed at, as is - as you 
undoubtedly already know - is an alias for
You would have to do packet inspection and filter for This 
could be easily circumvented by using an SSL capable proxy.

Maybe QoS could do the trick for you. While allowing access to google earth, 
it might discourage that user from excessively using it by restricting his 
bandwidth to something like 64kbit/s while google itself is still perfectly 
usable. It is generally a sensible idea to make use of QoS on a setup like 

Thilo Schulz
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