Troubleshooting stability issue

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Fri Aug 12 07:14:35 CEST 2005

Simon Waters wrote:
> One of our firewalls appears to be unstable.
> The problems started with adding ip_conntrack and ip_conntrack_ftp, as we need 
> to support active mode FTP from inside to the outside.
> Prior to this we were using it as a basic port filter (poor iptables), and so 
> many of the rules exist to allow return packets without connection tracking.
> As such it makes sense for us to "clean-up" the ruleset, but this hasn't 
> happened yet.
> Due to some interesting (and maybe related?) hardware issues, we've run the 
> same firewall configuration on three different servers (all x86, Redhat and 
> Debian, IDE and SCSI), including one with the latest (for Debian) 2.6.8 
> kernel, and are fairly confident we see the same software issue on all three 
> boxes.
> Symptom is that by the time we get to it, the box is totally unresponsive to 
> local console, is not forwarding packets. In a word "hung".
> Memory isn't obviously leaking.

I do not recall what 2.6 kernel it was in, but there was a memory leak that plagued a system that did (extensive?) firewalling / routing in the mid 2.6 kernels.  I ran in to this on a system and ended up croning a reboot daily.  I have not had time to go back and upgrade the system to a kernel that does not have the memory leak.  I am not sure but I think I have 2.6.8 on the box.

> The number of lines in "ip_conntrack" does appear to grow with time, but is 
> still way below (at around 3000) the maximum allowed of 32,000+, and isn't 
> growing monotonically. I think there may be clues here, if only to what is 
> wrong with the ruleset.
> Apart from sshd, there is practically nothing running.
> atd
> crond
> inetd (this has nothing configured in /etc/inetd.conf, so I'll remove it).
> Postfix is listening on in case anything local suddenly needs to 
> report anything to me.
> lpd (lpd was running and not listening on any ports, so I'll remove it).
> Just looking for some helpful pointers on how to investigate this issue 
> further.
> As even with a "suboptimal" rule set I wouldn't expect the box to hang.
> Logs have no useful entries (certainly no "table full" messages).
> Don't want to post the full ruleset here, at least not till I've been over it 
> with a finetoothed comb. And it is about 230 lines. On the upside quite a lot 
> of it has just been obseleted by us relocating all our machines to one site, 
> so I can shortly remove large chunks of it.
>  Simon

Grant. . . .

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