Export code for Netfilter/iptables

Lotte Mygind (AH/LMD) lotte.mygind at ericsson.com
Tue Aug 9 10:33:08 CEST 2005

Of course we review the licensing, bugs, IPR issues etc - but if we cannot get a little help from the project/documentation, it does become a tremendous task to make thorough reviews for all open source components.

My offer to add an entry to the FAQ had two purposes:
1) Offer a bit of help to the project (I will not be the last person to ask that question)
2) If I could get such a text into the FAQ that would mean that I would feel more confident that the text was truthful and just a random answer from some random person on this list...


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On 8/8/05, Lotte Mygind (AH/LMD) <lotte.mygind at ericsson.com> wrote:
> We are going to use Netfilter/iptables in a product. In order to obtain an export code, I need to document whether these components implement any kind of encryption - so my questions are:

I hope that as part of the process of considering ANY third party code
in your products, a code review would be done to explore security
risks as well as possible gotchas with respect to licensing and
government regulations.  Such a review would certainly reveal if
cryptography was employed.  If someone on this list said that there
was or was not crypto code in netfilter, your company would not be
wise to trust them without independent verification anyway.

http://netfilter.org/licensing.html is unrelated but probably important as well.

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