ppooe state RELATED,ESTABLISHED issue

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Tue Aug 9 11:50:20 CEST 2005

>With 2.4 Kernel Centos 3.5 it works fine, but I didn't bring up eth0 ip
>interface. Need to retest this without an ip interface on eth0 and 2.6
>kernel, the previous case I had an ip on eth0 as well.

The "up" and "down" states of interfaces seems to be the hardware switch. 
Dunno how it is implemented with NICs, but I have seen that in snd-cs46xx.c, 
the card is totally shutdown on module unload. So I guess, it's the same on 
"ip l s dev eth0 down"

To have a bridge `a la ebtables work, the ports need to be up. And preferably, 
have no IP. This is really cool - I've got a br0 with eth2 linked to a WLAN 
router. With just one command, "ip l s dev eth2 down", all wlan traffic 
(through the server) can be disabled.

Jan Engelhardt
| Alphagate Systems, http://alphagate.hopto.org/

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