Export code for Netfilter/iptables

Lotte Mygind (AH/LMD) lotte.mygind at ericsson.com
Mon Aug 8 11:01:04 CEST 2005


We are going to use Netfilter/iptables in a product. In order to obtain an export code, I need to document whether these components implement any kind of encryption - so my questions are:

* Is there any kind of encryption algorithms in Netfilter or Iptables?
* If so, what are the key lenghts used? 
* If so, which are the algorithms?

We are using Iptables 1.3.1 and Netfilter from patch-o-matic-ng 20050626

I am well aware of the encryption in the Linux kernel - but even though this imposes export restrictions we have to document the encryption in Netfilter/Iptables.

Anyway, if anyone can help me here, I will (as a small contribution) write an entry for the FAQ on the issue :-)


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