Help needed for a box with 4 Ethernet Interfaces

Eduardo Spremolla edspremolla at
Thu Aug 4 18:46:21 CEST 2005

You can't have Box A with ip on a subnet, the
same goes for Box C. They need ip in the subnet range.
After that we may start to talk about roouting.


On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 09:11 -0700, Dave Johnson wrote:
> Hi All:
> I need help to setup my box with some complicated configuration.
> I have a box with 4 Ethernet Interfaces:
> Eth0:
> Eth1:
> Eth2:      ------> Connected to a box A with an IP address of
> Eth2:    ------> Connected to a box C with an IP address of (which is
> same as IP address of Eth1)
> Loopback Interface:
>                                                                          ------------
>                                             -----------------------------|  Box D   |
>                        |                            |          |
>          Mgmt Port<---------------------|   |                            ------------
>                                         |   |       
>                                    Eth0 |   | Eth1 (for internal network)
>  ------------                        ------------                        ------------
>  |  Box A   |________________________|  Box B   |________________________|  Box C   |
>  |          |                    Eth2|          | Eth3                   |          |
>  ------------        ------------    ------------             
> Here is what I want to do:
> Packets from Eth2 should only go to Eth3 except the ones detined to Eth0's IP.
> Packets from Eth3 should only go to Eth2 except the ones detined to Eth0's IP.
> Local packets destined for Eth1's ip and its subnet should be forwarded via Eth1 only.
> Packets from Eth1 can only be directed to Eth0. 
> This will allow me to ping Box A ( from Box C ( without getting a response
> from Box B who has local interface with address
> Basically I want to isolate interfaces in 2 groups:
> One with Eth0, Eth2 and Eth3
> Second with Eth0 and Eth1.
> I tried IPtables and multiple routing tables but it did not work. I think I need some directions
> as to how would this even be possible.
> Thanks
> Dave.
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