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On Mon, 1 Aug 2005, /dev/rob0 wrote:

> R. DuFresne wrote:
>>>> that I am also trying to run Apache on the box that is doing the NAT
>>>> translation rules.  Is it possible to run a web server on the same box 
>>>> that is performing the translations?
>> doable, but not adised, a firewall should be single purpose, most servers 
>> should be single purpose where possible.  But then this is not often the 
>> case.  But a firewall certainly should be a single purpose system much 
>> like a router is, they do similair work anyways.
> I quite agree that this is the best practice. However in the real world it's 
> not something about which I am dogmatic. Most of my firewalls have at least 
> one service running in addition to sshd. (All are running sshd. Many are 
> running httpd and an MTA.)
> I don't feel bad. :) In any security decision you should consider the threat 
> model. My main concern is in keeping the open services patched, and it's the 
> same regardless of whether they're running on the firewall or in a DMZ.

This is true, but if the services run in the dmz, there is far less a 
threat to the soft cneter network if they get hit <the DMZ services>.  If 
run on the FW and you seen not the vuln in the lists, are too busy to 
patch if you saw it, or something else interfieres, you are more liely to 
toast more then a singe services server on the outside.


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