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Jose Maria Lopez jkerouac at bgsec.com
Tue Sep 28 16:27:41 CEST 2004

El mar, 28 de 09 de 2004 a las 12:21, hamals at infinito.it escribió:
> I have a big problem
> I have a web server in my DMZ, I reach it with his 
> internal IP from my internal LAN, but I can't 
> reach them with his public IP.
> I did a DNAT and from internet everythings is ok, my web 
> server is working in right by DNAT.
> Where is the problem?

If you have a public IP in the external NIC of your
server then it should be working OK. I don't know if
you want it to respond directly to Internet or via
DNAT. Anyway it should work as you have it configured.
Check the IP in the external NIC.

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