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Tue Sep 28 07:07:41 CEST 2004


I'm new to iptables and having a problem grasping the concept as well as the
syntax. I have read a lot of sites on this but just not getting it. First -
running rules. From what I can gather I need to have an rc.firewall file
with the various rules and such in it - and have this started at boot. Am I
close?  Second - the syntax. I want to be able to allow my local LAN full
access to the Linux box (Slackware 10). I also have a website which I want
to allow everyone - except for a few domains and IP's, SSH which I want to
allow only certain IP's or domains, and Samba which I want to allow only my
local LAN. This is where I'm really confused putting this all together. If
someone could explain this in plain english - or put me on to a really easy
iptables for dummies type site, it would be appreciated.

This box is behind attached to a Linksys router and does not act as a NAT.
It is just a simple little setup on a p166.


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