Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Hudson Delbert J Contr 61 CS/SCBN Delbert.Hudson at LOSANGELES.AF.MIL
Wed Sep 22 19:04:15 CEST 2004

firewalls and virii ???

firewalls do not stop virus...

virus detection and removal/mitigation software does this chore
if bundled with the firewall tool.

lets not lead the newbs astray...


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> learning more about iptables is a nice goal to have.  sometimes i wish
> it was just as glamorous for people to want to learn more about
> routing and the OSI model, before becoming super l33t firewall
> gurus...but i digress...

Problem is: Neither of these topics can easily be approached by network
newbs without a lot of setup. There aren't many visiting this list with
routing more complicated than ip route add x via y

As for OSI, any casual admin wouldn't find much real world value in it.
I'd say OSI influences programmers more than admins. Experienced admins
do need to understand programming and OSI's a good practical example of
basic layered approaches, etc.. Plus, since others use OSI as a mindset
when developing, its good to know where they get their ideas from.

Firewalls are an inevitability these days. You either: Don't use a
firewall and get viruses, or you do use a firewall and you're forced to
fiddle with it when one of your programs doesn't work. See, your forced
to learn it if you like networking and administration or not. 

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