how many rules can be added?

Frank Gruellich frank at
Thu Sep 16 23:26:31 CEST 2004

* Alaadin <alaadin at> 16. Sep 04:
> Hello,


> how many ip tables rules can i add ?


> i added already 40
> if i added untill 100 or 500 rule
> would this make problems ?


> would this make the system lag ?
> would this make the system hang

Depends on your system: is it something with 8MHz and 4MBs of RAM?  I
have a router (P2, 133MHz, 24MB).  In daily work it has about 200 rules
and a throughput of ~160KB/s.  Adding 6000 "-s $RANDOMIP -d $RANDOMIP -j
LOG"'s resulted in a throughput of ~100KB/s and a nice system load.

> or its unlimited?

No.  HTH,
 regards, Frank.
Sigmentation fault

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