set up my DMZ

hamals at hamals at
Thu Sep 16 16:44:32 CEST 2004

I've a DMZ with two server, I would like to acces them 
through my iptables firewall.

IP_serve1_DMZ =
IP_serve2_DMZ =

IP_server1_public = x.x.x.52
IP_server2_public = x.x.x.53   (x is for privacy..)

My firewall has

eth1 internet interface = x.x.x.50
eth0 dmz interface =

I need to have my server access with their pubbic IP, but 
I've only eth1 as inteface to internet.

I read that I can't use alias in iptables rules (like 
eth1:1 etc) , then what kind of rules have I to write to 
solve my problem?

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