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Darren Kirby bulliver at
Sat Sep 11 20:50:38 CEST 2004

Hello netfilter list,

I have a fairly good knowledge of iptables etc...but there is one point I 
would like some clarification on.

This is from the iptables tutorial located here:

" MAC match
The MAC (Ethernet Media Access Control) match can be used to match packets 
based on their MAC source address. As of writing this documentation, this 
match is a little bit limited, however, in the future this may be more 
evolved and may be more useful. This match can be used to match packets on 
the source MAC address only as previously said"

Are MAC addresses unique for all ethernet cards? What I would like to know is 
could I use this rule to allow ssh connections ONLY from my notebook no 
matter what its current IP address happens to be, and drop all other 
connection requests?

Thanks for any insight...


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