disconnection from LAN

Jason Opperisano opie at 817west.com
Tue Sep 7 20:00:45 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 13:54, Payal Rathod wrote:
> Hi,
> I am conecting to internet via. my Mandrake Linux 10 box. But
> whenever I connect to my client's VPN from my windows machine (using
> CISCO client) the windows machine is disconnected from the LAN
> immediately after the client gets connected. I have even tried this
> with no firwall except simple MASQUERADE rule for my 192.168.x.x series
> machine. But the same problem. As soon as I disconnect VPN I can
> get in LAN.
> Can someone suggest anything? I am very very bad in VPN and firewalls.
> With warm regards,
> -Payal

your cisco VPN client is configured (at the VPN gateway end) not to
allow "split-tunneling" and is working as designed.

contact the administrator of the VPN gateway and ask to have
split-tunneling enabled so that you may access your LAN simultaneously.


Jason Opperisano <opie at 817west.com>

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