Net modules fail on compile with 2.5.52 and up kernel

Rowan Reid
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 13:46:05 -0800

Anyone who has been keeping up with my post probale is aware of my
plight trying to set up a VPN. Initially I had an IPTables firewall and
tried to allow PPTP traffic through with unsatisfying results. Then I
scrapt the idea to use IPSec I passed over freeswan and tried to use the
2.5.50 Kernel level IPSEC implimentation. My problem is the 2.5.50
version has problems booting to a resierfs using initrd so I decided to
use 2.5.52, then 2.5.54 both of which crap out while compiling the net
modules. Eg below

I keep getting errors  simular to that listed below when I run make
modules_install. This happens for 2.5.52, and 2.5.54. 

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
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