how to configure iptables / syslog to log to separate file

Chris Shepherd
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 15:37:34 -0500

Quoting "Randall J. Parr" <RParr@TemporalArts.COM>:

> Can I, and if so how can I, configure iptables (esp using GuardDog which
> I use to configure iptables) and/or syslog (ie /etc/syslog.conf, ...) so
> that my firewall messages are logged into a file other than
> /var/log/messages?
> I have searched, looked at tutorial, etc. and found this question asked
> many times but without ever finding a decent answer.
> If it just can not be done, could someone who knows this please state so?

Configure Syslog to log a certain log-level to an alternate file, and then just 
use  "-j LOG --log-level <level>". ie: if you wanted it to log as a notice, 
just setup Syslog to log notices to another file, and drop in a line that reads 

iptables -A LOGGING_TABLE -j LOG --log-level notice --log-prefix="NF: "

I'm not too up on Syslog myself, so you should read the docs for that, but I do 
believe it is possible to log specific log-levels to an alternate file.

Chris Shepherd

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