Andrej Todosic
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:44:15 -0400

Hello , 

i am just reading NAT and ipnatctl howto , and i dont quite understand the

if i nat a private network onto a  public class C , do i need to do both
straight and reverse nat or will the reverse one be doen automatically.
Before with alekseis code you had to do both. 

Like when you send out a packet with the syn bit set it gets nated and sent
out, and when it comes back in ( from teh outside server obviously with no
syn bit set) it gets denatted and forwarded. 

Now i have the impression that i may not have to do the second rule since it
will automagically happen.. 
am i right or wrong ? 

and what is the difference between: source and destination ( is this how to
match a packet ) 

then binding will be : what to do to it 
and mapping type name would be what ? 

Please correct/add to what i am saying 

thanks again, 

PS rusty i have an smp box here if you want i can test stuff , just tell me


  --source/-s address/mask              Source address
  --destination/-d address/mask Destination address

  --binding-type/-b [source|destination]
                                        Type of binding
  --to/-t [address/mask | address-address]
                                        IP address range to map to
<mapping types>:
  --mapping-type/-m <name>              What to do with matches.