Paul Rusty Russell Paul.Russell@rustcorp.com.au
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 02:48:48 +0930

In message <19990923004542.A9565@aldem.net> you write:
> Hello,
> 	So, question is simple - how to do a logging of
> 	packets?
> 		iptables -m LOG
> 	Does not work - ipt_LOG compiled in as a target,

Yep.  TODO: update doco.

> 		iptables -j LOG
> 	also does not work (despite the fact that LOG
> 	defined as a target).

Hmm... are your libraries installed?  Is the ipt_LOG.o module

> 	Really, I see no reason why it should be a separate
> 	module - just because logging is necessary almost
> 	everywhere.

No.  Logging this way is usually a really stupid idea.  You just flood
your logs.  But it's popular, and useful for debugging...

Hacking time.