netfilter 0.17 & Kernel 2.3.18

Graham Murray
11 Sep 1999 09:24:53 +0000

Yet again a new kernel seems to have broken Netfilter :-)

However, this time I have got it working. There are 2 things.

1) The uncommenting of -DHAVE_NF_GETSOCKOPT in the Makefile as
mentioned in the webpage was necessary.

2) There were inconsistent declarations for the spinlocks between
include/linux/spinlocks.h and include/asm/spinlocks.h

Looking at the kernel patch file, I noticed that includes of
"asm/spinlock.h" were being removed. So I removed the "#include
"asm/spinlock.h" line from every file in the netfilter 0.17 tree which
had it. There were no compilation error or warnings, and netfilter
seems to be running OK.

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