netfilter logmodule - patch to log devices as well

Paul Rusty Russell
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:30:30 -0700

> 	I've attached a patch that adds INDEV= and OUTDEV= fields to the
> packet logs.  It seems to work fine under 2.3.15+nf-0.1.5.  I'm not sure
> whether something special needs to be done in the sole recursive case,
> though.

I did this slightly differently: I print `IN=' and `OUT=' immediately
before the call to dump_packet.  This will be in 0.1.6.

> INDEV set, OUTDEV unset => input rule
> INDEV and OUTDEV set => forward rule
> INDEV unset, OUTDEV set => output rule


Hacking time.