rnat with multiple aliases on external interface (err)

Eric Limpens eric@limpens.net
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 11:21:48 +0100

Some corrections to my message:

in the following:
| say, you would use your ip address, to go to 
| port 80,the machine at thinks it has an incoming 
| connection from the address 

This should of course be:

the machine at thinks it ...

I'ld like to use different external -real-life- ip addresses on
the 'outside' of the firewall, and redirect these connectes (on
the correct port) to machines on the inside. BUT: I'ld like the
machine on the inside to know the original (some internet client
address, connecting) address, not the adres of the firewall...

Possible or not? 

In this picture the firewall would act more or less like an
advanced router, to split load (eventually) over several machines.