[PATCH] ipt_ROUTE for kernel

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at computergmbh.de
Mon Jul 30 16:49:49 CEST 2007

On Jul 30 2007 16:47, Patrick McHardy wrote:
>Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> On Jul 30 2007 16:42, Ludovic wrote:
>>>sorry if there is already some patches about this but i've searched
>>>one week how to make the ROUTE target work well.
>>>Here are two patches (one for ipv4 and one for ipv6) which change
>>>ipt_register and ipt_unregister to xt_register and xt_unregister and
>>>which add .family = AF_INET in the xt_target structure declaration.
>> Somehow this feels like déjà-vu. ipt_ROUTE is, well, a hack
>> and the proper solution to it is policy routing; e.g. based on fwmark.
>Fully agreed (well, I made that argument for ages), I think we
>should simply remove it from pomng to avoid misleading users
>into thinking it would be the proper way to do things.
I second that idea.


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