[PATCH IPTABLES 0/43]: Unification of ip[6]tables matches/targets #2

Yasuyuki KOZAKAI yasuyuki.kozakai at toshiba.co.jp
Sat Jul 14 19:21:23 CEST 2007

This patchset is for unifying codes in matches/targets of ip[6]tables.
The change from the last patchset is that all declarations in
iptables_common.h are moved into xtables.h

I also attach patches to unify libip[6]t_NOTRACK and libip[6]t_multiport
respectively. The former is easiest case of unification, and later is
most complicated case. The patches for other matches/targets are also
attached, but I've not completed unification for all of matches/targets

-- Yasuyuki Kozakai

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