xt_connlimit 20070707 kernel

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at computergmbh.de
Fri Jul 13 17:13:19 CEST 2007

On Jul 13 2007 17:03, Patrick McHardy wrote:
>Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> On Jul 13 2007 23:18, Yasuyuki KOZAKAI wrote:
>>>JFYI: I've fixed compile error in the case of NO_SHARED_LIBS=1. The
>>>function name for initialization needs to be _init, not
>> Uhm, that's why there is __attribute__((constructor)). Because *having* an
>> _init in a shared library has often failed on me. Example:
>> [...]
>It works for other extensions, so it will also work for this one.

Yes of course.

#define _init __attribute__((constructor)) my_init

That's exactly the same as before (for the NO_SHARED_LIBS=0 case).
For NO_SHARED_LIBS=1, _init is replaced by connlimit_init instead. Also ok.
Well, connlimit_init is not that far from libipt_connlimit_init,
and I'd prefer the latter because the former is already used for

  .init = connlimit_init,


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