Request for maintaining "condition" and "time"

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at
Wed Jul 11 09:36:53 CEST 2007

On Jul 11 2007 04:29, Gustavo Jr. Alves wrote:
> I´m really new on netfilter (this is why I asking so many dumb
> questions since yesterday), and I had previously understand that
> "time" and "condition" modules has no support at all.

Well, Krzysztof Oledzki <ole [at]> is listed in the pomng db
as the maintainer for the time module.

> If you are the maintainer, sorry by asking about it.

I am not :) It is just because I do (plan) to include it in my kernels
too, so there was the opportunity to give ipt_time some cleaning.

> I have no intention to "steal" the projects.
> The same is applied to "condition" module?

It is a free world, you cannot "steal".

# condition, maintained by Massimiliano Hofer <max at>

> Anyway, there are anything I can help? And what need to be done to
> pull this module on mainstream?

#1: Convince Patrick the module has its worth :)
#2: x_tables infrastructure
#3: IPv6, if applicable/doable
#4: Logic cleanups (as for ipt_time, I remember rants about timezone support*)

[*] Gotta dig up the url...

As for condition, I have not looked at it, and do not plan to.
Feel free to "grab" it :)

> It will be a lot of interesting if we
> can use this resource natively on the distributions.
> Thanks
> Gustavo


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