netfilter queue not on filter table

Stanisław Pitucha viraptor at
Tue Jul 3 16:39:19 CEST 2007

I'm trying to write a specific load-balancing filter with
libnetfilter_queue, but I've run into a problem (or 2):
- QUEUE target works as expected on filter/INPUT, but I don't catch
any packets if I try to set it up in nat/PREROUTING or
mangle/PREROUTING. What can be the cause? -j QUEUE is the only rule
and I'm not using any filtering with that. But I don't get any packets
- I'm checking that as the first thing in the callback function.
- When I redirect to my gateway a packet sent to some internet host it
works even in filter/INPUT. When I redirect packet from internet host
a.b.c.d to internet host e.f.g.h in filter/INPUT it doesn't work. What
can be the reason? (it's sent on the same interface)

Thanks for ideas
Stanisław Pitucha

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