New H.323 conntrack & NAT helper module

Jing Min Zhao zhaojingmin at
Wed Feb 22 06:56:45 CET 2006

Hi, all,

I've written a new H.323 conntrack & NAT helper module for Netfilter.

I have five years experience in H.323 development and many years in Linux
development, so I know many people out there need Linux firewall to support
H.323 as IP phones are becoming more and more popular. I also know Jozsef
Kadlecsik and Max Kellermann have written such Netfilter modules, but they
don't support RAS, Fast-Start and H.245 tunnelling. However, these features
are essential for most modern H.323 devices. Many carriers even don't
support slow-start at all.

This is a almost full featured H.323 module. Since it is based on H.225
version 4, H.235 version 2 and H.245 version 7, it should support most of
the H.323 products in the market. I've spent a lot of time on this module
and my friends helped me test it a lot too. Now I believe it is ready to go
into kernel tree. I'm wondering if anybody can tell me what I should do to
adding it to Netfilter.

Anybody interested in this can download the patch for kernel 2.6.15 in The document
is at

Thanks a lot!

Jing Min Zhao

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