bug in libnetfilter_log

aton aton at packetdropped.org
Tue Feb 7 23:09:39 CET 2006


i installed:

- libnfnetlink-0.0.14
- libnetfilter_log-0.0.12 

the file libnetfilter_log-0.0.12/utils/nfulnl_test.c uses nflog_get_payload();

if i just compile it and run it, it will segfault, while returning from cb().
if i comment out the call to nflog_get_payload(), it wont segfault.

so i guess this function call somehow overwrites the return address of the cb() function on the stack. 

i dont understand the nflog_get_payload() code by looking at it, and dont have time to read into it, 
so i just wanted to inform the one who wrote it.
please have a look at it, i think this perhaps even could be a security risk?

greetings, aton
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