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Stephen Clark stephen.clark at
Fri Feb 3 19:04:12 CET 2006

Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:

>Stephen Clark wrote:
>>Does iptables have the capability to list out the actual nat
>>not just the rules that are currently active -
>>similar to the way FreeBSD's ipfilter/ipnat does?
>So, if I understood well, you want to get only current nat'ted
>connections, right?
>If so, this is fairly easy to implement in the conntrack tool. Something
>like `conntrack -L nat` to show all current nat'ed connections. Is this
>really of interest for everyone?
Actually this is on an embedded system running uClinux 2.4.6, an 
ActionTec DualPC Modem.
I am trying to use it as backup for ipsec traffic. Everything works 
great until we have an interruption - like the phone connection drops 
the vpn won't get reestablished. But when we
use an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station - the vpn get reestablished 
with no problem. So it
seems ther is some state in the ActionTec modem/router - it is 
performing masquerading - that keep the vpn from coming up. IT is really 
strange because we get SA's (isakmp traffic) on both sides, but esp 
traffic never gets across.

traffic doesn't

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