ip_local_deliver related query

Vasantha Kumar Puttappa vasanthakumar at iitb.ac.in
Fri Feb 3 07:13:19 CET 2006


( I am assuming packet arrival to the local host)

  As far as I know Netfilter hook  for "INPUT" chain is called just before
the ip_local_deliver() function is called. If I am not wrong,
ip_local_deliver function will remove the IP header and gives the packet
to appropriate function in transport layer ( TCP or UDP or ICMP

 What I am want to do is to change the source IP address of the IP packet
just before calling the ip_local_deliver() using IPtables.

So I want know, will this go smoothly assuming there is a socket waiting
for this kind of packet(packet with new source IP address) or will
something go wrong ?

Please give your valuable feedback and correct me for any wrong


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