Doubt on packet generation in kernel space.

varun varun at
Fri Aug 12 13:23:01 CEST 2005

Hi jesse,

           Let me explain my requirement. I have a kernel module which
is basically maintaining some network database of what are the MAC and
Ip of each of the system in the network. Now with the help of a
character pseudo driver, my user program will send an request to the
kernel module to generate the icmp (ping) packet to a particular host
from the maintained kernel database. It is on this event that the packet
generator module comes into picture where in the inputs to the module is
IP and based on this the i might get a response from the destination
system and i will compare the MACs to see if they are equal. So for this
requirement i need a packet generator to handle this event. Only an icmp
packet is enough.

                 Thanx in advance.

On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 13:45, Jesse Peng wrote:
> Dear Varun:
> It depends on whether your code is in process context or interupt context.
> Maybe you will elaberate the situation you generate the icmp packet?It will
> help more for others to help..
> Your sincerely
> Jesse
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> Subject: Doubt on packet generation in kernel space.
> > Hi all
> >
> > Iam a newbie and iam basically interested in generation my own
> > icmp packet in the kernel space using skb. That is iam aware that this
> > can be done using raw or packet socket from user space.         But to
> > do it from kernel space is it possible if yes how to go
> > about it. i believe that what raw socket call from User space does in
> > kernel thats what iam supposed to do.(Correct me if iam wrong). I think
> > i might have to build my own skb and put it in transmit queue. Is it
> > possible? Iam also aware that there are some packet generation module
> > that is inbuilt as per the Documentation in linux kernel states. But i
> > dont want to use that instead i want to create my own module that will
> > allow me generate the icmp packet. Please help!!
> >
> >                                                             Varun
> >
> >

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